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Entry #2

Flash movie crashing..so I must upload..

2011-03-25 20:58:59 by Fairy-Bloodrose

Everytime I try to export my movie..Flash crashes and now I don't know what to do.
I do have a sample of what my project looks like. The clip is very short and not detailed..so I am
very upset about this. The original movie is very long and now when I open it..You guessed it..Flash crashes once again. However I have learned a couple tricks in exporting and playing my movie without trouble of virtual memory/crashes. This is the only way for me to make 2d flash movies but......
If I ever got a hold of some new equipment..I would make a series of my product..plus other movies as well.
I am now trying to export the sample but it seems that flash is taking forever..maybe it's going to crash again? ...................Ok the "sample" exported..and now I will upload it....I wish you all could see the whole movie..I put alot of work into it.

-Fairy Bloodrose


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